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Pullman installed an experimental ice air conditioning system in 12-1 sleeper McNAIR in 1929. Individual railroads began installing other types of experimental AC systems in the early '30s, typically on diners. In 1932 Pullman installed the first version of their Pullman Mechanical (PM) system on 31 Pullmans and 39 railroad-owned cars. Included were 24 sleepers and 6 diners and coaches for the C&O's "George Washington", 4 sleepers for pool service, 4 C&NW diners, 14 SP diners and 15 UP diners.

This marked the start of a program to air condition all assigned heavyweight Pullmans, a program that extended throughout the 1930s. Air conditioning equipment evolved steadily throughout the decade, resulting in many variations. There are many interesting aspects to this program, and links in the table below will lead you to some of them. [Only one of the links is active - check in the "What's New" section of the Home Page for updates.]

All lightweight Pullman cars were delivered with air conditioning as original equipment.

Table of links

Steam Ejector AC installations

Santa Fe's SE AC program

Milwaukee Road SE AC program

Brine tanks on PM AC systems

Sumps used on ice AC systems

AC ducts

Battery Box Upgrades

Truck Upgrades

York AC installations




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