Car Construction Record Equipment and Appearance History

Copyright 2001 – 2010 Thomas C. Madden

STAR LAKE was painted Pullman Std. [Pullman green] throughout its life...


…and had steel plate side sheathing with wide letterboards. (E.L. = Extended letterboards.) "Gothics" refers to the style of ornamentation used in upper window sashes on older cars. Such cars had narrow letterboards. The change to wide letterboard side construction eliminated the upper sashes and Gothic ornamentation, but the term remained on CCR forms until the end of the heavyweight era.


STAR LAKE was equipped with Pullman 2411 trucks…


…and a UC brake system with one 18" brake cylinder. The brake valve was changed from UC to UCB at an unknown date.


There were two steel battery boxes, each containing 8 cells.


CCRs did not originally contain fields for vestibule door and step information, as three tread steps and one-piece doors were standard until the mid- and late-1920’s, respectively. Fields for doors and steps were stamped on CCRs during the 1930’s. STAR LAKE had four-tread steps when new, but its original one-piece vestibule doors were replaced with two-piece "Dutch" doors some time before the field was added. This most likely took place when the car was reconfigured in May 1935.


STAR LAKE was equipped with Safety-Carrier steam ejector air conditioning on May 28, 1935 – the same time the car was reconfigured. This field was also a post-1930 addition to the CCR, as evidenced by the stamped (rather than typed) field title.



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